The VEKAVARIANT 2.0 ribbed system offers the perfect solution for every window. A single system and two sizes that also adapt to large windows with optimal stability.

2 sizes of capialzado, 175 and 210 mm high, for doors and windows with a maximum element height of 2.5 meters.

Installation depth of 230 mm without mosquito net and 250 mm with mosquito net.

Front or bottom registration cover to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The lower inspection cover allows the front of the ridge to be hidden with a false ceiling.

Both 175 and 210 mm models can optionally include front and/or head thermal insulation (Neopor expanded polystyrene) or thermoacoustic insulation (expanded polystyrene + extruded polystyrene).

With the option of including an integrated mosquito net for greater comfort.

The headwall is prepared for a possible motorization of the blind.

VEKAVARIANT 2.0 offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation with maximum values ​​of up to U = 0.7 W/m2K and Rw (C;C) = 39 (-2;-6) dB.
The integrated anti-lift device prevents the blind from being raised from the outside.
The inspection cover facilitates cleaning and maintenance, allowing it to be opened both from the front and from the bottom without the need for tools.
An optional outer aluminum profile provides additional stability in case of high thermal loads or for large drawers.
VEKAVARIANT 2.0 optionally allows the installation of an integrated mosquito net.


Two drawer sizes to suit both new construction and renovation. The right solution for every need with a single system.
A fully insulated drawer for completely reliable insulation.
Inspection opening for easy access from the inside front or from the bottom.
For all operating modes: tape, cardan and motor.
Integrated anti-lift device.
Optional integrated mosquito net.


VEKAVARIANT 2.0 = 175mm VEKAVARIANT 2.0 = 210mm
Essay Dimensions Class Essay Dimensions Class
Probability in air (UNE EN 1026:2000) TECNALIA 056831-001 1200 x 175 4th TECNALIA 056831-001 1200 x 210 4th
Water tightness (UNE EN 1027:2000) TECNALIA 056831-002 1200 x 175 4th TECNALIA 056831-001 1200 x 210 E1200
Probability in air (UNE EN 1026:2000) TECNALIA 056831-002 1200 x 175 P=3000 TECNALIA 056831-001 1200 x 210 P=3000

Thermal transmittance

VEKAVARIANT 2.0 175 mm VEKAVARIANT 2.0 210 mm
Test TECNALIA 051632-05 TECNALIA 051632-06
U (W/m2K) 0.74 W/m2K 0.72 W/m2K

Acoustic insulation

VEKAVARIANT 2.0 175 mm VEKAVARIANT 2.0 210 mm
Test B2015-LACUS-IN-291 B2015-LACUS-IN-291
R (C;C)</ td> 37 (-2;-5) dB 39 (-2;-6) dB

Height maximum of the set (mm)

VEKAVARIANT 2.0 175 mm VEKAVARIANT 2.0 210 mm
Element + drawer (M37 shutter slat) 1900 mm 2500 mm
Element + drawer (K51 shutter slat) 1400 mm 2200 mm

PVC VEKA properties

Fire behavior According to the UNE EN 13501 – 1;2002 standard, VEKA PVC has the C53 classification. (CIDEMCO 12764-2 test) The previous standard UNW 23727 qualifies it as M1, hardly inflammable material (CIDEMCO 3787 test)
High chemical resistance High resistance and durability against salinity, ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution and acid rain
Useful life Windows with VEKA PVC profiles have a very long life useful, according to accelerated aging tests