100mm LP-110CA


The 110 mm LP-110CA Self-locking slat offers security thanks to its locking system, preventing forced climbing from the outside. It must be taken into account that to avoid horizontal displacement of the slat, it is essential to use a 10mm LP-110CA side cap.

Available for security systems with 1 and 2 partitions. We use extruded aluminum curved profile slats with 110mm coverage. Dimensions indicated for closures of large size and great protection; such as banks, commercial premises with large entrances or garages.

Available in any color from the RAL chart, anodized and wood.

For 45º aluminum drawers between 250mm and 400mm. Axles between 133mm and 170mm.

Minimum winding axis 210mm
Weight m2 8Kg/m2
Coverage area 110mm
Nominal thickness 13mm
Number of slats/meter 10 slats
Recommended maximum width 4000mm
Recommended maximum height 3500mm

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