45mm LP-45 Microperforated


The 45 mm LP-45 Micro-perforated slat offers security thanks to its locking system, preventing forced climbing from the outside. The intermediate slat causes a block of four points on each slat against the guide, preventing lifting. It self-locks without the need for devices or exclusive elements external to the slat itself.

It must be taken into account that to avoid horizontal displacement of the slat, it is essential to use a 45mm LP-45 side cap.

This sun protection system has an exclusive design that provides light and optimal ventilation. The distribution of the holes, 1,500 holes per linear meter, acts as a mosquito net, preventing the passage of insects into the interior.


Technical characteristics

Material Aluminum
Coverage area Extended 72mm
On lock 47mm
Nominal thickness 8.8mm
Slats per meter height Extended 14 units
On lock 21 units
Minimum winding axis Ø60
Maximum dimensions (m)
Weight per m2 (kg) 7.85


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