This product represents a synthesis of two effective products: the traditional blind and the adjustable blind slats.

As a blind, it rolls up and disappears in its registry (mainly work). As an adjustable blind, it allows you to adjust the orientation of the slats in the desired position. Controlling at all times, the solar flow that accesses our home.

  • Adjustable: The precision of the system of simultaneous orientation of the slats allows the regulation of the same in infinite intermediate positions. Rolltek is the only one that allows the shutter slats to rotate up to 110º.
  • Large dimensions: The section of the slats has an extruded shape to reduce bending. This allows installations in large single span openings (up to 2300mm) without the aid of kits.
  • Silent: Simultaneous opening of the band thanks to a new internal mechanism that guarantees silent and unparalleled operation.
  • Blackout: The new RollTeck mechanisms provide the same high level of blackout as a traditional blind.
  • Safety: The drive system prevents the slat from being raised and opened. Without the need for additional accessories.
  • Durability: All internal components are made with materials such as stainless steel, resistant in healthy environments and urban environments. The RollTek blind movement mechanism means that the slats are never in contact with each other during rolling, avoiding rubbing or scratching.


  • It integrates with existing windows and also allows the replacement of traditional blinds.
  • The small size allows the use of traditional site registers. Including the high performance thermoacoustic tunnel thanks to its new design.
  • In turn, solar control provides greater thermal comfort to our home. In addition to leading to significant energy savings in our electricity consumption.
  • Patented system: RollTek is protected by an industrial invention patent
  • Certificate of resistance to wind load EN1932: Class 6

Design and options

  • RollTek is available in all RAL colors and woods. It can be combined with slat holders in twelve different colours.
  • Domotics: The winding and tilting of the slats is done with a single motor, by means of a button or via radio. The device is easy to interface with other home automation systems.
  • The design of the slats, sober and clean, makes RollTek a true architectural and aesthetic element.


  • The degree of orientation of the slats allows cleaning to be carried out simply and quickly. The reliability of the mechanism does not require maintenance operations over time.

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