Universal motor for blinds

  • Engine with integrated radio technology.
  • Designed to fit all types of blinds.
  • The system automatically readjusts the rise and fall to offer perfect closing and opening over time.
  • Somfy Drive Control: The blind and the mechanism will last longer by exerting less pressure in the manoeuvre. It offers permanent electronic analysis of the engine torque. No maintenance required. Automatic and permanent adjustment of the limit switches.
  • Obstacle detection: The motor stops if it detects an obstacle on the way down.
  • “my” function: To access your preferred position (previously configured) of the blind with a single click.
  • Frost protection: The motor stops in case of frost (also when blocking the last slat)
  • Intrusion resistance.
  • Weight (with packaging): 1,71 Kg

The advantages Comfort:

  • Choose your preferred position
  • Automatic protection of your home with the sun sensor
  • Centralization
  • Sun protection and temperature management thanks to the sun sensor Shutter protection
  • Somfy Drive Control increases the useful life of the blind
  • Obstacle detection
  • Security: Protection in case of frost
  • Automatic blocking of the shutter (with rigid joints) to increase anti-intrusion security, and the possibility of a presence simulation function

Ref. 1505400*

Active consumption 90W
Volts voltage / Frequency AC-RGE1-230V/50HZ
Loudness level(dB) 47dB
Protection index IP 44
Radio frequency RTS 433.42 MHz
Number of channels 12
Indoor range 20m


Various powers available:

  • 6Nm: OXIMO WT 6/17 (Ref.15054001)
  • 10Nm: OXIMO WT 10/17 (Ref.15054002)
  • 15Nm: OXIMO WT 15/17 (Ref. 15054003)
  • 20Nm: OXIMO WT 20/17 (Ref.15054004)
  • 30Nm: OXIMO WT 30/17 (Ref.15054005)
  • 40Nm: OXIMO WT 40/17 (Ref.15054006)