Exterior Venetian blind that works as the first active barrier, before the sun’s rays enter the interior of the rooms to be protected.

PAVIVEX is a sun protection system that seeks both aesthetics and comfort. There are two models in the manufacture of this system: PAVIVEX C80 and PAVIVEX Z90. It is combined with automatisms that make the facade dynamic for a better use of energy.


The adjustable slats adjust the amount of light in each area of ​​the house, creating pleasant environments within the home and with the same efficiency during all seasons of the year.

It meets the requirements of the new climate certificates and contributes to the maximum energy rating of buildings. It is the ideal choice for class A building design.


The current design is characterized by clean, minimalist lines that, combined with a wide variety of finishes, enhance the appearance of the building and the exterior design.

PERSYVEX is able to satisfy the needs of each client. It is customizable thanks to a wide range of finishes with the possibility of being made in two colors, combining different plain colors or wood imitations.

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