Nice Era-M


Tubular motor ideal for blinds and awnings with mechanical limit switch. Size M Ø 45 mm.

Suitable for all needs, use in large applications with the 50 Nm version at 12 rpm and in small structures with the high speed version from 26 rpm at 4 Nm.

Especially suitable for compact applications: useful length of 426 mm.

Simple and comfortable. Intuitive regulation of the up and down stop positions by means of the mechanical limit switch.

Easy installation with the new compact support and the innovative fastening system of the drag wheel with hook.
Connection to climatic sensors, with wire and radio, through external control units.

EM817 8Nm, 17 Rpm, 15Kg.
EM1517 15Nm, 17 Rpm, 28Kg.
EM3017 30Nm, 17 Rpm, 56Kg.
EM4012 40Nm, 12 Rpm, 75Kg.
EM5012 50Nm, 12 Rpm, 95Kg.

*Lifted weight, value calculated with a roller with a diameter of 60 mm.