Motor for roller shutter, with cable

Length: Ø50mm (with cable)

Various powers available:

  • 6Nm: ILMO WT 6/17 (Ref.15056001)
  • 10Nm: ILMO WT 10/17 (Ref.15056002)
  • 15Nm: ILMO WT 15/17 (Ref.15056003)
  • 20Nm: ILMO WT 20/17 (Ref.15056004)
  • 30Nm: ILMO WT 30/17 (Ref.15056005)
  • 35Nm: ILMO WT 35/17 (Ref.15056006)
  • 6Nm: ILMO WT 6/17 Corto (Ref.15056009)

The Somfy Ilmo motor has been programmed to provide comfort and safety on a daily basis. Its main advantages are the following:

  • It stops if an obstacle is detected during the descent of the roller shutter panel (very practical, especially for children, animals, etc.).
  • Stops in case of frost (if the shutter closes and the slats freeze together), this prevents the motor from being forced and damaged
  • Stops in case of unlocking of the last tablet (Breakthrough and forced entry)
  • Very resistant to manual attempts to raise the blind when it is lowered (guarantees the safety of goods and people). Break-in and forced entry.
  • Accessories: several adaptations wheels & crowns are proposed in the kit. These are the most commonly used.

Ref: 1505600*

Active consumption 90W
Volts voltage / Frequency AC-RGE1-230V/50HZ
Loudness level(dB) 46dB
Approval CE,EAC,NF,VDE
Protection index IP 44
  • Operator ø 50 with WT technology specifically for compact shutters.
  • Automatic programming of limit switches and direction of rotation.
  • Possibility to connect operators in parallel (depending on the control point)
  • Validate with SOMFY the compatibility between the ILMO WT operator and the carrier product.
  • Short version is also available.
  • Weight (with packaging): 0.002 Kg