Nice Era Mat MT


Electronic limit switch, integrated radio receiver and Nice TTBus technology. Ideal for awnings. Size: 45 mm.

Complete and intuitive programming.

Easy regulation of the limit switch remotely by means of a transmitter or with the external programming units O-View TT and TTP, in automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes.

Comfortable return transmission by moving the awning.

Level programming: fast and safe. With this function, the adjustment contemplates some selection options and, in case of incorrect selection, the programming resumes from the previous level without having to reprogram the adjustments made up to that moment.

Memory lock to prevent accidental memorization. Adjustment of various intermediate opening heights.

Through Nice TTBus 3-wire technology: option to control the movement of the motor by means of a low-voltage command; wired connection to climate sensors without external control units and/or by radio in a simple and intuitive way.

Option to connect and drive several motors in parallel from a single point without additional control units, through the integrated electronic card.

The encoder technology ensures millimetric precision, reliability in maintaining the programmed values over the long term even at high temperatures, and an effort applied to the roller shutter that is always optimal.

Exclusive Features: FRT retracts the canvas at a programmable rate when the awning is fully opened to eliminate unsightly warping. RDC torque reduction system gently blocks the movement without forcing the canvas when it reaches the closing position. FTC specifically for awning automatisms with an automatic hook and manual hook locking mechanism. It ensures the correct tensioning of the canvas at one point or at several manual locking points.

Consumo bajo en stand-by

E MAT MT 817 8Nm, 17 Rpm, 15Kg.
E MAT MT 1517 15Nm, 17 Rpm, 28Kg.
E MAT MT 3017 30Nm, 17 Rpm, 56Kg.
E MAT MT 4012 40Nm, 12 Rpm, 75Kg.
E MAT MT 5012 50Nm, 12 Rpm, 95Kg.

*Lifted weight, value calculated with a roller with a diameter of 60 mm.